Canadian Free Wills Network
Our donors are invited to create or revise their will free of charge through our partnership with the Canadian Free Wills Network.
Create or Update Your Will Today

For many of us, writing a will has been on our to-do list for far too long. Now you can have peace of mind as free wills are being offered with the help of local participating lawyers.

Who is invited?

The program is open to our donors! While there is no obligation to include our hospitals in your will, one of the most powerful ways for you to give thanks and to leave a lasting legacy is to add The Foundation as one of your beneficiaries.

How does it work?

Once you let us know that you are interested, you can expect to receive an information package in the mail within two weeks. You can then choose to meet with one of the participating lawyers to help write your will.

Why is a will important?

A will is something that everyone needs regardless of age and assets, yet a surprising 56 per cent of adult Canadians do not have wills. Without a will, the courts will take control of your estate and make decisions on your behalf; your intended wishes will not be considered. Your family will also incur additional legal fees.

When does the offer run?

This offer runs for a limited time only. Please be in touch early if you’re interested as availability is limited.

Request your Free Wills Information Kit today by emailing