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Hospital Foundations Invite the Community to Help Provide Mental Health “(Re)Leaf”

Funds Raised from the Maple (Re)Leaf Art Installation Campaign will Support Mental Health Programs for People of All Ages in Hamilton, Burlington & Across the Country

Hamilton/Burlington, Ont. – Three local Hospital Foundations are proudly participating in Maple (Re)Leaf, a nationwide campaign that combines Canadian art, celebrity star power and community spirit to support much-needed mental health services across the country.

As grateful beneficiaries of Maple (Re)Leaf, Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation in Hamilton and Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation in Burlington are inviting the community to take part in the campaign that will help provide “(Re)Leaf” from the impact of COVID-19 on mental health in our region.

Through Maple (Re)Leaf, the community has the opportunity to come together to contribute essential funding that supports mental health programs and services these Hospitals provide to people of all ages in Hamilton, Burlington and the surrounding region.

In so doing, donors will be joining a number of Canadian celebrities, such as Chef Lynn Crawford, Jully Black, Jason Priestly, Kim Coates, and more, who are lending their voices to bring awareness to the state of mental health in Canada.

How the Maple (Re)Leaf Campaign Works

• Donors can visit Maple (Re)Leaf’s website and select one of the region’s three participating Hospital Foundations to make a minimum $30 donation towards mental health care in our region.

• In return, one Maple Leaf sculpted from die-cut steel and designed by iconic Canadian contemporary artist Charles Pachter will be “planted” at an outdoor public art installation.*

• Donors can also download a digital replica of the distinctly Canadian sculpture to share on social media to show their support.

• Those wishing for a Maple Leaf of their own as a campaign keepsake can donate $100, or more. In addition to receiving a Maple Leaf to enjoy at home, one will be added to the public art installation.

• Opportunities for corporate sponsorships are also available, and donors at all levels are eligible to receive charitable tax receipts.

Maple (Re)Leaf will acknowledge and celebrate communities that have reached a threshold of 1,500 Maple Leafs, or more, during a cross-Canada tour featuring outdoor Maple (Re)Leaf art installations made possible by the generous community spirit of donors in each region.

In Canadian communities from coast to coast, installations of thousands of donor-sponsored Maple Leafs will show how our nation has come together to support our collective mental well-being.

As regional beneficiaries of this national campaign, the three Hospital Foundations are thrilled to engage our community with this new and exciting way to give back, while also creating a truly unique visual display of solidarity and support for mental health care in our region.

* Maple (Re)Leaf requests that a minimum of 1,500 Maple Leafs are sold before an art installation can be implemented in a particular community. Should that threshold not be reached, Maple Leafs donated locally will be added to a nearby art installation.


To learn more about the Maple (Re)Leaf campaign, visit

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