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Beyond the Grand Prize: Charles Y.'s Heartfelt Journey with Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation

Inspiration Lottery winner Charles y. holds a large cheque for $59,880
January 9, 2024
As Charles celebrated his Inspiration Lottery win, he revealed plans that extend far beyond himself.

Congratulations to Charles Y., our most recent 50/50 Inspiration Lottery grand prize winner. This December, Charles got to celebrate the season a little early when he came down to the Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation office to collect his cheque for the $59,880 grand prize!

“I thought I was winning $500, not $59,000!” said Charles, sharing his surprise and delight with the Foundation team when he came to pick up with winnings before Christmas.

Charles has had a direct relationship with Hamilton Health Sciences for many years as his son was born with severe hemophilia. Thanks to the exceptional care he received at McMaster Children’s Hospital, he now lives a completely normal life. Inspired by this experience, Charles's son is pursuing a career in health care so he too can make a difference in the lives of others.

Charles’ immediate plans for his winnings involved some last-minute Christmas gifts and bringing a long-held dream to life: a family vacation somewhere warm.

As Charles celebrated his lottery win, he revealed plans that extend far beyond himself. With a heart full of generosity, he shared that a significant portion of the winnings will be used to set his daughter and son up for success; he would use the money to pay for their post-secondary education.

Congratulations Charles!

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