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From Nursing School to Grand Prize Glory

Inspiration Lottery grand-prize winner Lisa F. smiles while holding a large cheque for $63,140
November 3, 2023
Lisa is currently enrolled in Nursing School and couldn’t be more thrilled to put her Inspiration Lottery winnings toward it.

Meet Lisa F., our latest 50/50 Inspiration Lottery grand prize winner and recipient of $63,140!

Talk about life-changing news that couldn’t come at a better time! Lisa is currently enrolled in Nursing School, about to finish her final semester and begin her upcoming placement – and she couldn’t be more thrilled to put her winnings toward paying off her school loans.

"This is crazy and so exciting!”, Lisa exclaims. She still can’t believe that the grand prize win is her reality. Lisa shared that the last time she won something was a colouring contest back in her childhood, where she was awarded a 5 foot chocolate bunny. We think it’s safe to say that the impact of her latest win is slightly more profound.

What makes Lisa's story even more heartwarming is her genuine desire to give back. She approached the lottery with a perspective that even if she didn't win, she was contributing to a cause that mattered deeply to her – not only as a Nursing student, but as a dedicated Hamilton Health Sciences staff member.

When you purchase tickets for the 50/50 Inspiration Lottery, it truly is a win/win. The grand prize winner takes home half. The other half goes towards the highest-priority needs for patient care across Hamilton Health Sciences hospitals.

Lisa's plans for her newfound winnings are a testament to her character. She intends to allocate the funds towards her nursing school loans, a well-deserved vacation, and a special gift to her children.

Congratulations Lisa!

Make a difference and take a chance that could change your life – and the lives of patients. The next raffle starts on November 16, 2023.

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