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Mia is in her hospital bed. Her parent's hand rests on her head.
MacKid Mia as a baby

A Newborn’s Dangerous Weight Loss

“McMaster Children’s Hospital saved Mia’s life and we’re forever grateful.”
Mia is holding an umbrella
MacKid Mia is now thriving thanks to the care she received.
April 22, 2021

Shortly after their daughter Mia was born, Danielle and Greg began to sense that something was wrong. The couple from Hamilton grew increasingly concerned about Mia’s weight loss and unusually frequent bowel movements.

“Mia began losing weight after a few weeks,” explains Danielle. “In April 2018, we drove to McMaster Children’s Hospital, where Mia was admitted to the Pediatric Medicine Unit.”

Urgent care

Danielle and Greg were shocked to learn that their baby was under-nourished. Mia had a series of tests, bloodwork and consultations to determine the cause of her rapid weight loss.

“Mia kept losing weight as her care teams attempted to identify a diagnosis,” says Greg. “At a time when we should have been panicking, Mia’s care team was so calm and kind, ensuring that we weren’t overwhelmed.”

With her weight dropping daily, Mia was sent to the operating room to have an intravenous (IV) line inserted. Since Mia was not tolerating over-the-counter formulas, her care team worked with pharmacies across the province to source a special ingredient that would help Mia’s system absorb nutrients.

She was eventually diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The condition causes ulcers to form in Mia’s digestive tract, resulting in frequent abdominal pain. Although it is a life-long condition, it can be managed with daily medication that helps Mia digest food.

“Mia has been a beacon of joy throughout this whole journey,” says Danielle. “Even during the most dire times at the Hospital, Mia always smiled at everyone who came to help her.”

A happy future with IBD

After 56 days as an inpatient, Mia’s weight reached a healthy level and she was discharged home in June 2018. Today, Mia is thriving and she loves dancing, singing and gymnastics.

“Our world changed the moment we stepped into McMaster Children’s Hospital,” explains Danielle. “Despite it being a terrifying time, it was also an overwhelmingly positive experience due to the amazing caregivers and facilities at the Hospital.”

The family has since moved to Alliston and now receives care at their local children’s hospital, but they continue to fundraise and support McMaster Children’s Hospital Foundation.

“McMaster Children’s Hospital saved Mia’s life and we’re forever grateful,” says Greg. “We encourage people to donate and help children like Mia so they can keep receiving the care they urgently need.”

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