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St. Peter's patient Jacque

Reclaiming Independence with Restorative Care

October 10, 2023

Once a dedicated health care provider herself, 79-year-old Jacqueline (‘Jacquie’) found herself on the recipient end of the health care experience when an unfortunate fall on a crisp February day resulted in a broken hip.

After receiving initial care at Juravinski Hospital, Jacquie was transfered to St. Peter’s Hospital for therapy and recuperation.

Restorative Care is a specialized inpatient program at the hospital that focuses on the rehabilitation needs of adult patients with complex illnesses, strokes, or orthopedic conditions through low-intensity, long-duration interventions. Its interdisciplinary team aims to help patients like Jacquie achieve their maximum level of functioning, independence, and comfort.

Throughout her time at St. Peter’s Hospital, Jacquie experienced ups and downs, as anyone on a healing path would. But the team was unwavering in their commitment to her well-being. The therapists, in particular, earned her praise, as they went above and beyond to ensure her recovery journey was both effective and personalized.

“I feel that they not only care about their work, they care about me personally,” says Jacquie.

With every therapist-guided session in the Restorative Care Gym, Jacquie’s strength, balance, and coordination steadily improved. She went from relying entirely on a wheelchair, to using a walker, to now mostly managing with a four-pointed cane.

With newfound strength and gratitude in her heart, Jacquie bid farewell to St. Peter’s Hospital this summer, acknowledging the tremendous progress she had achieved and the incredible people who helped her along the way.

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