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There are many ways to make a vital difference.
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Fundraising Through Facebook

You can make a vital difference through Facebook!
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Facebook Fundraisers is an easy way to create a fundraiser and collect donations on behalf of Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation.

This tool allows you to create a fundraising page, select the charity you wish to support, set a goal and provide updates to friends, family and supporters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which charity do I select when creating a Facebook Fundraiser if I want to support Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation?

When setting up a Facebook Fundraiser, you should select Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation.

You can find us through the search option when prompted to select a charity.

I would prefer my Facebook Fundraiser to support one of the specific sites. How can I do that?

You should still select Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation as the charity to support.

You can designate the funds you raise to a specific Foundation (i.e. Hamilton General Hospital, Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre, McMaster Children's Hospital or St. Peter's Hospital) by sending us a message through Facebook.

Once the funds from the fundraiser are received, we can cross-reference the information to ensure your donations go toward your requested site.

I’ve heard there is a fee to process donations. Is this true?

No, it is not true.

Charity organizations raising funds on Facebook pay no fee – 100 per cent of donations that you collect will go to us.

I’ve created a Facebook Fundraiser. Should I let Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation know?

Please send us a message on Facebook. We would love to share our thanks and, if appropriate, connect you with one of our staff.

If you plan to designate the funds you raise to one of our supported sites, you must send us a message to confirm your intentions.

Will people who donate to my Facebook Fundraiser receive any communication from Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation?

Communication to donors will be sent by PayPal Giving Fund. They receive the donations from Facebook, provide receipts to donors and grant the funds to us.

No communication will be sent to donors from Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation.

How come I received a receipt from PayPal Giving Fund and not Facebook or Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation?

In Canada, donations placed through Facebook Fundraisers also involve PayPal Giving Fund – which receives the donations from Facebook, provides receipts to donors and grants the funds to us.

Like Facebook, PayPal Giving Fund does not charge any fees for this service.

I use Instagram more than Facebook. Why can’t I fundraise for Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation through this platform?

Currently, this tool is only available to Instagram users in the U.S.

We anticipate this will soon be made available to users in Canada.