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Dan Maloney with the Grey Cup
Dan Maloney with the Grey Cup

An Uncle’s Legacy

"My uncle would be thrilled to know his legacy is having a remarkable impact.”

An Uncle’s Legacy

Despite passing away at a young age, Dan lived a full and active life. His home quickly became the gathering spot for many family events after he retired and moved back to Hamilton from Edmonton.

“My uncle Dan held numerous parties and barbeques, always welcoming family members visiting from Ireland and throughout the world,” says Theresa Reynolds, who is also the Director of Capital Development and Biomedical Technology at Hamilton Health Sciences. “Family was very important to him and he was a good friend to many people.”

The cancer diagnosis

Dan was diagnosed with colon cancer shortly before his 60th birthday. The news was devastating for his family.

“We were very concerned when we learned about his diagnosis, but we were hopeful that he would overcome this obstacle,” says Theresa.

For nearly 10 years, Dan underwent numerous rounds of chemotherapy at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre, as well as multiple surgeries. But by September 2017, Dan learned his cancer was terminal. His health deteriorated rapidly by March 2018 and he was transferred to the Palliative Care Program at St. Peter’s Hospital.

“My uncle was happy with the care he received at St. Peter’s Hospital,” says Theresa. “One of my fondest memories at the Hospital was when we had a private lunch with Dan’s surviving siblings, including his brother and sister from British Columbia and a sister from Australia. Having our family together was so important for my uncle.”

A never-ending legacy

Dan passed away peacefully in May 2018. Grateful for the care he received, Dan left a legacy gift in his will to Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre Foundation.

“Our family was glad that Dan left this tremendous gift,” says Theresa. “My uncle believed in giving back to the community. He appreciated the care he received and the caregivers he met who helped make the journey a little less difficult.”

As a Hamilton Health Sciences employee, Theresa understands firsthand how donor support is essential for enhancing patient care.

“A lot of our projects are funded through The Foundation. I see how donor dollars improve our care spaces and purchase vital equipment. My uncle would be thrilled to know his legacy is having a remarkable impact.”

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